In 2010 I made a bold choice, to leave my job with no employment to go to.

Since then life hasn’t been great, I have stumbled from job to job (literally two of them) and suffered many cruel blows (for example only catching a fleeting glance of an urban fox, when just seconds earlier he would have seen the beast in its full majesty).

I now live above his parents garage and stay in bed quite late watching wrestling and the x files.  It is literally no sort of life.  Sometimes he cannot afford cigarettes, train travel, or booze.

I am is trapped in his urban prison cell, with no money, bills to pay and a landmark birthday on the horizon.

I have many skills, I am a moderate guitar player, probably a very good actor, and the other day I wasted an estate agents time to critical acclaim.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I stumbled upon this site completely by accident whilst looking for something else entirely – but then I’m a 58-year-old woman and new to this internet lark, so I think that’s a good enough excuse for my mistake. What’s YOUR excuse for leaving a job (any job – no matter how awful) without having another one to go to… in the middle of the worst recession this country’s known for decades?!? Clearly common sense isn’t one of your strong points….

    My advice (which I hand out for free as it’s almost certainly worthless) is GROW UP: admit to yourself and everybody else that you fucked up big time – and do everything you can to show your parents how much you appreciate their putting a roof over your head: after all, what have you done to deserve their charity?

    If you can’t find a paid job then try dragging your sorry ass out of bed in the morning and doing some voluntary work: doesn’t really matter what – pretty much anything will prove to potential employers that you’re not just another bone-idle bone-head…

    And, finally, GET OVER YOURSELF! If you were “all that” then you wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. Take any job you can get – because, one way or another, it’s still the first rung on some kind of ladder…

    Posted by Georgie | January 14, 2012, 9:37 am
    • Hiya!!!

      What an interesting comment, I really like it when someone takes the time to learn about a person and then make suggestions.

      As you say that you ‘stumbled’ upon my website, and you are new to the internet, I will assume that you are the person who Googled ‘Taser Sainsbury’s’ three times and clicked on my site every single time. They don’t sell them as far as I know, you are probably better going to taser.com or whatever the address of the place is that one of the letters was written too. I can find out for you if you want but you will have to ask me.

      Now as for your advice;

      I am not actually going to answer the strange points that you are making, but I do wonder if you have an idea that the About page is probably an exaggeration to fit in with the rest of the website.

      I imagine that you are spending your time handing out such missives on the internet because your children avoid you at all costs due to your hardline tactics, is there a Mr Mental, or has he left you? I just think you need a hobby or something.

      Maybe you could get a website where you show people the absolutely insane things that you comment on peoples websites in an attempt to pass on your knowledge and wisdom, then I can come on your website and tell you to grow up and such forth.

      Anyway, I must go as I have to go and buy some drugs and sit in my parents house doing them while earning no money, and probably do something that leads to the family dog dying and my dad having to bury it in our garden.

      Have a lovely day, and please call by my site again.

      (By the way, I think I semi-successfully used irony in my comment, which for your information does not mean made entirely of iron)

      Posted by Attemptedscientist | January 14, 2012, 10:26 am

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