Gary Lineker

Hello Gary Lineker (former England footballer)

As I have proven in that first line I know loads about you and I am a really big fan.  I remember in Italia 90 you were my favourite player.  Being honest I did think that Gazza was a nickname for Gary so eventually you stopped being my favourite player.  I never, for example, asked a hairdresser to cut my hair like yours, but I did ask them to cut it like Gazza’s.  Looking back now yours was probably the better hairstyle.

Do you remember when Graham Taylor subbed you in the Euro 92’s?  I was livid with him, have you spoken to him since?

Well done on the new wife by the way, you have surpassed yourself there.

I know you can speak both Spanish and Japanese.  I can say one thing in each language, I will type them now (please forgive bad spellings)

Mathew-san wa kawaii desu

Puedo coger prestado tu sombrero?

let me know if you can translate them.

I was walking past a bookshop on London Wall the other day and it says you will be signing copies of your book either this friday or the one after.  Would you like me to come down and say hello?  I work really close to there.

Anyway Gary I could talk about my memories of you all day, such as when I first tasted crisps because you endorsed them, and now I am a bit overweight because they were delicious and I had too many of them, but I am emailing you for a reason.

Here is the reason

False start there, let’s try again

Here is the reason.  On September 10th three of my closest friends are turning 30.  For each of them I am getting together a book of signed photos from celebrities from our youth and now.  You were properly famous so could you do me three photos dedicated as follows;

Richard, I got 48 goals for England, how about you?  Happy Birthday from Gary

Marc, Do you even like football? from Gary

Jon, You look like Stuart Pearce, when he was younger, Happy Birthday from Gary

Thanks in advance Gary

P.S.  Have you now earned more money from TV than football?

P.P.S. Can you do one of your little jokes for me?

P.P.P.S. What do you think of Des Lynam? I met him once (he lives down the road), he was alright.


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