Natalie Cassidy


How are you?  Living the high life no doubt!  What is it like to be one of the ten most recognisable people in Britain?  I was really surprised when I saw that poll.  I mean I would recognise you but I never realised that so many other people did.

Did you enjoy the Eastenders 25th Anniversary stuff?  I haven’t watched it since then, I was gutted when Bradley died.  It reminded me of when Jamie died, and then I was thinking about all of your tears, and then I got upset about it again.  I watch Come Dine With Me instead now, it is less upsetting.

Have you been on Come Dine With Me yet?  I am now going to guess the menu that you would do;

Starter – Bruschetta (minimal fuss but big results)

Main – A lamb tajine, with a mushroom risotto for the vegetarians (like me)

Desert – One of your own recipes, probably a play on trifle

am I right?

Did you think that it was realistic when you went out with Martin after Jamie?  I just think that if Sonia has gone out with one of the heartthrobs of the square she would have aimed higher.  I always saw you and Beppe together, I don’t know why, and there certainly would have been fireworks!

Anyway I must get to the point of this email before you stop reading!

On September the 11th my three closest friends are turning 30.  As a unique and touching gift I am putting together a book of autographed photos of the stars from our youth. When we were younger we all loved Eastenders.  One of us would probably have had a kid if we hadn’t seen your hassles with Rebecca, it put us all right off activities of the carnal variety!

As you are a massive hero, inspiration, almost a friend, could you send me three photographs dedicated as below;

Richard, do you remember when I used to play the trumpet?  love Natalie

Marc, I wish it had been you rather than Jamie that I cradled at night, Love Natalie

Jon, you look just like well ‘ard. love natalie

Thanks in advance


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