Toby Anstis

Hi Toby

How are you?  I really love your radio show, it gets me up every morning.  I remember when I would sit at school dreaming of getting home so I could see you in the broom cupboard.  How times have changed.

A girl from our school said she did romantic kissing with you, this was when we were about 14, you wouldn’t have done that would you Toby?  I also think she was a bit ill in the head, so she was probably making it up, but I need to know.

Anyway on the 11th September 3 of my closest friends are turning 30.  As we all watched you in the broom cupboard could you send me three autographed photos for part of a presentation I am creating for each of them?

Could you dedicate them as shown below;

Richard, If I could be trapped in a broom cupboard with anyone it would be you, from Toby

Marc, I wish I could be there playing TV scrabble with you, from Toby

Jon, have a great day, from Toby.

If you are in Brighton in September feel free to come along

Thanks in advance


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