Douglas’ Moderately Sized Adventure

Douglas woke up at 7 a.m.

He was really excited as he would only have to go to school for 3 hours that day as he had to go and see the specialist to see if they were any closer to working out what was wrong with his insides.

Douglas got up and checked the sheets,  they were unusually dry.  As a result he almost skipped to the bathroom.

As soon as Douglas reached the bathroom the familiar feeling of an impending eruption appeared in his bowels.  He sat down on the toilet and sang the song that he so loved from the Chinese clown tv show.

Twenty minutes later he left the bathroom.  His mother was outside and she looked angry, he quickly ran to his room and got changed in to his going out clothes.

Douglas’s father walked in and sat on the end of the bed and explained to him that he couldn’t go to school in his spiderman outfit.  Douglas collapsed to the floor and started crying.  After fifteen minutes he got up and put on his Chinese clown sweatshirt and his jeans with the button fly.

He went downstairs and left with his father to walk to school.  On the way he saw a really nice cat, he gave it a stroke and then took a leaf off of the shrub next to the cat and popped it in his pocket.

When he got to school the bigger kids from his class were in the playground.  They started teasing Douglas about his big feet and asked him why his hair was so patchy.  Then one of them tripped him up and told him to get his clown feet out of the playground.

Douglas got really scared and could feel something happening inside his stomach.  He got up and ran to the toilet with the sound of the bullies ringing in his ears.

He sat on the toilet, tugging at his remaining strands of hair while singing one of the Chinese clowns songs.

When the bell went Douglas walked in to his classroom.  He sat at his desk and felt something hit the back of his head.  He turned round and one of the bullies was behind him throwing crayons at his head.  Douglas tried to ignore him and concentrate on the class but it was too difficult.

As the best of times he could not understand what the teacher was writing, but with the added distraction of the crayons it was impossible.  He turned round and threw his pencil in the bully’s face.  The teacher shouted his name and told him to go outside the classroom.

As Douglas stood in the hallway waiting for his teacher to come out he knew he would be in trouble again.

The teacher came out and told Douglas that he did not have the time for his nonsense and said that as he was going home at lunch he should probably just go and sit in the playground until his mum arrived.

Douglas was not happy to be alone but he enjoyed sitting outside and singing, as it was not raining this time.  He saw a lovely squirrel and a really interesting worm with lots of legs that he had never seen before.

The time passed quite quickly and soon his mother turned up to take him to the specialist.  She was disappointed to see him outside on his own again but she said she just wanted to get the appointment over and done with.

In the car they hardly spoke at all, Douglas felt a bit sad about school, but the song that he really liked by Cyndi Lauper came on the radio so he sang along in his head.

They arrived at the hospital and his mother told the receptionist that they had arrived while Douglas sat in front of the TV and watched This Morning.

Eventually his name was called and his mother led him to a room down a corridor where a doctor was waiting for them.

Douglas took off his trousers and pants and the specialist poked around for a bit.  He then held his stethoscope against Douglas’ stomach to see if he could hear anything funny.  He told Douglas’ mother that they would need to do some more tests, which made Douglas secretly happy as it meant more time off school.

On the way home Douglas’ mother stopped at the shop to buy some gin.  Douglas went in to the shop with her and right by the door he saw a green bag with a picture of a football on it.  He ran straight over to the bag to have a closer look.

Inside the bag there was plenty of space to put snacks and things that he had found, but it was £5, which was a lot, more money than Douglas had ever had.

Douglas’ mother came over to him and saw him looking at the bag.  She told him that because he had been such a good boy at the hospital he could have the bag if he really wanted it, but he would not be allowed any more treats for the next few weeks.  He was so happy and carried his bag up to the counter where his mother paid for it.

The cashier gave the bag back to Douglas and he put it over his head and wore it outside.  When he reached the car he took the leaf that he had picked that morning out of his pocket and put it in to the bag.

All the way home he sat silently in the car looking inside the bag and imaging all of the things that he could put inside of it.

As soon as Douglas got through the front door he ran in to the living room where his father was sitting with his best friend Steven.

Steven asked to see the bag but Douglas was reluctant to pass it to him.  Steven had a foul temper and was always drinking, quite a few times Douglas and Steven had fallen out.  Eventually Douglas passed the bag to Steven, he looked through it then started talking about how he was a good footballer before he ended up in his wheelchair.  Douglas quietly picked up his bag and snuck upstairs to his room.

When he reached his room Douglas took the leaf out of his bag and placed it in the shoebox under his bed where he kept items to remember every cat that he had seen.

Douglas then got up, put his bag over his head and went out in to the garden.  As he walked around he looked for interesting stones and leaves that he could put in the bag and look at later in his room.

He picked up a few different items before he noticed something behind one of the plants.  He investigated a bit closer and found that it was a discarded cuddly toy.  Douglas could not believe his luck and quickly put the toy in to his bag before anyone saw.

As Douglas did up his bag his mother shouted for him to come in for his dinner.  He placed his bag beside his seat on the sofa so he could keep an eye on it while he ate his dinner.

Because of all the problems that he was having with his insides it was very difficult to make food for Douglas, as such his mother had played safe and given him a bowl of plain pasta.  It was not very nice but Douglas worked his way through it so that he could go upstairs as soon as possible.

When he had finished his dinner Douglas asked his mother and father if he could go upstairs.  His father warned him how close it was to bedtime so if he went upstairs he would have to stay there for the night.  Douglas said that this was fine.

Douglas said goodnight to his mother, father and Steven and promised that he would clean his teeth before falling asleep.

When Douglas got up to his room he opened up his bag and took out his leaves and stones and carefully placed them in his box of garden items that he kept in his wardrobe.

While he was by his clothes Douglas decided that he should probably get ready for bed.  He took off his jeans and folded them up, and put his pants in to the laundry basket.  He slipped on his pyjama bottoms before taking off his Chinese clown sweatshirt and carefully folding it up and putting it on his chair.

Douglas went to the bathroom to make sure that he would not have any incidents while he slept and then cleaned his teeth thoroughly, trying to make sure that he didn’t miss a spot.

When he got back to his room Douglas picked up his bag and took it to his bed.  He took the cuddly toy bear out of the bag and finally got to have a good look at it.  He was really happy because it was nowhere near as dirty as he suspected it would be.

Douglas placed his new bag under his pillow so no one could steal it while he slept and then he got in to bed and fell asleep hugging his new bear while imagining all of the exciting things that he could put in his new bag tomorrow.


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